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This site was inspired by discussing notes with the many people who take notes with Tinderbox -- especially people who designed, tested, and made suggestions to improve that program. It's written by the numerous staff at Eastgate, who also pay the bills and sell some of the tools for notes discussed here.

Here on this site, we're completely objective about tools. We don't care that much whether our sponsor sells them or not. We might care if they paid us better, of course.

We try to make note of all our mistakes. If you find one we missed, you can write to our boss and report us. Go ahead, turn us in. We don't mind at all.

Lots of people have contributed suggestions, ideas, and images to this site. We'd like lots more! Again, email us.

This site is made with Tinderbox. Each page is a note -- some pages contain additional notes inside them. Each item in the sidebar, and each illustration, is a note as well. This makes it fairly easy to add notes spontaneously, and gives us a bunch of handy features:



These tools are too expensive!

We can't fix all the ills of capitalism, but we do our best. If you're a starving student and you need Tinderbox or one of our elegant Italian journals, consider writing for us. Or drawing, painting, or designing, if that's what you do. It's like washing dishes or singing for your supper, sure, but it'll be a good story for your descendants to tell as they study the pages of that nice Italian leather journal with the Tinderbox DVDs tucked into the back cover.

Can I tell you about my notes?

We'd like nothing better! Pictures are great: we always need more. And we're always looking for new ideas and new approaches. Email notes@NotesaboutNotes.com.

Can't you folks spell?

Oops! Found a mistake? Tell us. Email notes@NotesaboutNotes.com.

Will you carry our product?

We're happy to talk! Call or write Eastgate (email info@eastgate.com). We're especially interested in great tools that aren't easily available.