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Making Better Notes

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Journal © 2005 Karen Winters.  Reproduced by permission of the artist.

Why would you want to take notes?

Take notes to learn. Many people find that note-taking gives you an opportunity to reflect, to fix new ideas in your mind. Making notes helps you focus and concentrate. The care and attention that note-taking demands -- whether you're finding the right language to describe an idea or seeking the right line to capture an image -- helps you see more clearly and understand more completely.

Take notes to remember. Time flies: someday, you'll want to remember this. Your notes become a record of ideas and moods, of goals and accomplishments. You want to write down the appointment you just made for next Tuesday, because you'll need to remember it Tuesday -- and because your grandchildren might just be glad to know about it, too.

Take notes to explore. It's a big world, a world that's more open to your exploration than ever before. As you travel about town or across the globe, you'll want to record your impressions -- both to get the most out of every day, and to look back on later. You'll be back in Paris again, but you'll never again see Paris for the very first time. And that client you met today? That might be the start of a crucial partnership that might last years or decades.

Take notes to create. Doodle. Sketch. Try out different styles, and new voices.

Above all, remember to write it down.

If you want to write it down, you'll need to always have a pen -- that is, you want to have writing tools with you all the time.