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Tinderbox: Color Schemes


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Making Better Notes

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Everyday scenes can be great sources of color schemes. Often, the best color schemes come from what seem to be nearly-monochromatic images. Photo: Mark Bernstein

Many people like to reserve different notebooks for different tasks -- an appointment book, a diary, a travel journal, a private notebook for your fiction.

Tinderbox users can get some of the specificity of distinct notebooks, even if they use several different Tinderbox files all the time. One handy technique is the color scheme. By adjusting the meaning of symbolic colors like "red" and "blue" and by choosing recognizable background colors and image adornments, you'll always know where you're writing.

Here, for example, is an artificial sample map view with the default color scheme:

You'd be unlikely to use so many different color cues in such a small map: color means most when used sparingly. A different document might use the same symbolic colors in a more muted palette:

Other palettes are easy to create; just add new colors or change the definition of old colors in the Colors tab of the Attributes palette.

Though both schemes are more subdued than the standard scheme, the habitual user will instantly distinguish them.

Anxiety about locating your writing and managing your documents can discourage your note-making, tempting you to postpone or avoid writing things down. Using attractive and suitable color codes can help reinforce good habits while saving time and energy.