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This hand-crafted, leather-bound journal from Florence is one of the nicest journals Eastgate stocks. It's filled with very fine paper -- you can even get it with hand-made Amalfi paper. Each one is unique.

Your notes are important. Even if your notes are simply scratch work for software development or memos about when to pick up the soccer team, they represent a real investment of care and attention.

Time is short. You spend time making notes; those moments should be as pleasurable as you can make them. And the more durable, enjoyable, and attractive your notes may be, the better the chance that you'll continue to find them useful -- and that your biographer or your grandchildren will enjoy them as well.

The cost of even the finest, most luxurious and durable journal is negligible when compared to your investment in writing it -- and the loss you'll face if you lose or discard your journal.

If investing in good paper and a good cover help you enjoy your notes, you'll be more likely to keep them.

Eastgate offers a variety of fine homes for your notes. Whether your preference runs to exquisite Florentine Journals, hand-crafted, refillable leather journals, Japanese Awagami journals, or simple a nice 3x5 card briefcase, check Eastgate's collection of Tools.